Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday's ELA Class

Today in class students joined a Class Group on a writing site called Storybird.  Many of us added a profile picture and began exploring the projects on the site to understand what the site can offer to writers. Some of us began a project.  It begins by looking at the Art categories, choosing one, and using the artwork offered to create a picture book.

Everyone agreed to ask someone face to face if he or she were okay if about accepting them as a Follower of their writing.  Of course, if you feel uncomfortable for any reason and want to Unfollow a classmate, that is okay to do.  Mrs. Leighton is a member of this Class and has already posted an Assignment to begin.  No due date yet.  We're all just exploring and practicing the use of this writing tool for now.

No permissions have been given to use during the school day yet...only in ELA class for now.  That will likely change very soon as Mrs. Leighton begins to see a responsible and respectful use of the site.

The purpose of the site in ELA class is to write projects for ELA, share with classmates, and grow as writers, thinkers, and first readers.

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