Sunday, March 8, 2015

Important ELA Class News

Dear Students,

Beginning Monday, March 9.

Deadlines and Due Dates are a part of life.  Dependability is a virtue and it is rewarded in life.  Many of you have committed to finding a way to be consistently dependable and responsible with your school commitments to homework, practices, etc.  Well done.  It's not easy but learning and practicing responsible living has its rewards!

Think about all the due dates in your life or your parents' lives.  Just yesterday, Saturday, I had a meeting to attend ("assigned a month ago") at 10am and I was responsible for having a typed Agenda.  I felt responsible enough to have it written on my calendar and for taking time from more pleasurable activities to do it.  I was counted on.   Today, tomorrow, next week next month, next year…you and I  have dates and times assigned to us and we're counted on being there.

For the remainder of the school year,  in ELA I am putting in place a consequence for repeatedly not completing assignments (illegible, incomplete, nothing).  Beginning March 9 each day an assignment is not complete equals to a ten point deduction.  Two days late= 20 points deducted.  Three=30.  If the assignment is a high stakes assessment, it will be completed by you during an Afterschool Hour with me or another teacher.  

If you are out of school due to illness you have a day for a day to complete ELA assignments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please come see me.  I am a reasonable person who understands there will be exceptions.  This consequence is intended to discourage students who repeatedly  are not demonstrating responsible behaviors with their homework.  I am not concerned with the rare missed assignment...

I wish you all well.

Mrs. Leighton

Mrs. Leighton

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