Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ELA Wednesday Resources

Please identify the nouns and verbs in this passage from a speech I, Mrs. Leighton, wrote a few years ago.  Sort them into the correct columns.  You will want to read these passages aloud with Mrs. Beals first.  See how many nouns and verbs you can find.

I could hear the waterfall before I even saw it.  My children and I trekked down over a high river bank and there we were.  What a neat place we had found.  The river was flowing quickly with lots of little whirlpools and gentle rapids as well as some pretty intense water.  It was hard to believe that a quick walk through the woods and we had discovered this fabulous swimming spot, with a set of waterfalls and not one single tourist in sight.  

The river was perfect and was the most perfect golden color on a perfect summer day.  The trees surrounding the river were this wonderful pine free color against the blue sky.  I remember hearing this rushing water and experiencing a gentle cool spray of water on my skin.  My two children were bubbling over with joy and anticipation and had these huge grins on their faces.   Joshua begged, "Mom, mom, please, I beg you.  I am jumping in!  You jump too!"

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