Friday, November 6, 2015

Writing Prompt for ELA

1.  Type on Google Doc.
2.  Double Space
3.  Type in Paragraphs
4.  12 font
5.   Interesting Title

Directions:  Your task is to write a story that concludes with ONE of the ready-made conclusions.  Have fun.

  • One thing was clear;  No one would ever bother that old gray cat again.
  • The three bullies stood over me.  They were laughing, but I knew at last that I had won.
  • "Goodbye, my friends, "said the talking worm.  That was an awesome day we had together.
  • The sun sank slowly into the east.  Three days ago, none of us would have believed it.  But now it seems almost normal
  • My final advice is this:  If anyone offers you a million dollars, don't take it.  You've seen how it ruined my life.
  • I clicked on the T.V.  Nothing happened.  I tried the phone.  Same thing.  I turned the handle of the faucet. Only one drop came out.  Earth, I knew, had been saved.

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