Monday, October 31, 2016

ELA due Tuesday

Choose a scene and imagine Roger's ( from Thank you, M'am) thoughts and feelings about what is happening.  Draft a 1st person narrative of his thinking at that point.  Try for 1/2 to a full page.

Due Tuesday.  Be prepared to share with a partner your retelling.

Key Events:

1. When the boy tries to steal the pocketbook
2. When the boy eats dinner at her house
3. When the boy is dragged to the house
4. When the woman gives the boy the money
5.  She lets him go
6.  When he washes up at the sink
7.  When she leaves him in the living room
8.  When she leaves the door open
9.  When she defends herself from the robbery
10.  When he thanks her before leaving.
  • when the woman scolds, yells, and hollers at Roger (para.  21)
  • The woman grabs on to Roger and won’t let go
  • the boys tries to snatch the pocketbook but loses his balance and falls
  • She shook him

Use the pronouns   I    me   my    myself     we     our      

I was minding my own business walking home.  I really really wanted a pair of blue suede shoes. How was I going to get them??  Suddenly

Invent and create thoughts and feelings that the boy might have been feeling and thinking.  Makeup


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