Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ELA Today in Class...No Homework for Thursday

1.  Mrs. Leighton will read this personal narrative aloud:  "Eleven" written by Sandra Cisneros

2.  With your partner and during ELA class you have a chance to show you can understand the elements of a narrative, especially a personal narrative.  So here is your mission:

 Choose 1 narrative you have read and make a poster the shows your analysis of the story.  Be creative!!  Incorporate these elements:

  • title and author of the text
  • An ending to the sentence:  This narrative is effective because...
  • Examples of author's words that support the sentence.
  • Pictures, symbols, color...add these to show more of your understanding of the ...
  • characters and their actions, thoughts, feelings, the setting;
  • Key events that show you understood the conflicts
  • Key details that show how the main character was affected by the event...what she/he realized or learned or discovered.
As you complete your poster, think about the answer to the essential question:  What makes a good story?