Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ELA Wednesday

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According to the article "Writing Really Good Dialogue" what is most important to know about it?  Write your COMMENT on this POST.


  1. Use different words than 'said' afterwards. Read both and choose which is better.

    "Hey Jim." said Barry
    "Hello Barry. Good weather?" said Jim.
    "Yeah. Good weather." said Barry.

    "Hello Jim." sighed Barry
    "Hey Barry. Good weather." sighed Jim.
    "Yeah. Good weather." mumbled Barry.

    1. Imagine one with an Irish accent and one with a downeastah accent.

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    3. They have the same names, but I changed the Dialouge Tags

  2. The most important thing to know about dialogue is all dialogue you write should do one, if not all of the following: reveal characters' relationships to one another, move the story forward, and increasing the tension.

  3. it's important because it tells whether the person is thinking or talking to himself.

  4. dialogue is important because it might contain information in the story.

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  5. The most important thing about dialogue is knowing what your talking about and the background.

  6. To know what a person said or did to another person

  7. It's important so you know what a person is saying.

  8. It is important to have dialgue because it says what the people saying

  9. The most important thing to know about dialogue would be that dialogue is at least 2 or more people having a conversation.

  10. One of the things that is very important about dialogue is not saying said over and over again.

    Bad example: Joe said,"Look a fire."
    Jim said,"We should call 911."
    Joe said,"The phone is gone."

    Good example:Joe screamed,"LOOK A FIRE!!"
    Jim yelled,"WE SHOULD CALL 911!!"
    Joe exclaimed,"THE PHONE IS GONE!!"

  11. use different words other than said every time back and fourth from different characters for example:
    " are you going to mikes party" Stan asked
    " yeah are you" Kahla answered
    " I am,I got him 6 video games" Richard stated
    " his cake is going to be coconut flavored" Stan commented
    " yummy" Kahla replied
    " I will see you guys there" Richard said

  12. dont repeat your self like

    hey jeff,hey andy

  13. To be more exciting with you words unlike said and to know what people are saying.

  14. One of things things is to not say is said over and over again!

    Jane said " look I Isibella inside the building She ids going to get stuck inside."
    Chuck said " I see see her too she is on the top floor."
    Jane said " I'M going to miss her if the firemen can get her out."
    Chuck said " I will miss her too."

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    1. who is sloth?

    2. First Sloth now Anonymous!!?!?!?!?!?!?

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  17. I think it is important not to say said all the time.

  18. "hey did you see about Sam"asked Ashley
    "No is she okay"Hannah asked worriedly
    "I don't know every one has been talking about it" mumbled Ashley

  19. I've learned that dialogue needs needs to be indented and it needs to use other words than said. Also quotation marks. For example:
    "What are you doing tonight?" Franco asked.
    "Nothing. you can come over today." John sighed.
    " Thanks dude! My mom going to make me clean my room tonight." Franco exclaimed.

  20. I agree with Eamon. If you don't have quotations it looks like this.

    Look! A bear! said Moses
    It is a big bear! said Sesom
    Let us run! said Moses
    Ok! said Sesom.