Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ELA Resource for Wednesday's Class

1.  You began creating your main character for your short story today by imagining you are interviewing her/him.  Here are the questions for the interview:

a.  What is your name?
b.  Age?
c.  Gender? Race?
d.  Do you have hobbies?
e.  How about any favorite books?
f.  Favorite movie?
g. Favorite food?
h. Favorite color?
i.  What do you look like? Describe in detail.
j.  Do you have anything special about you physicially?
k.  Do you have family?
l.  Where do you live?
m. What time period do you live in?
n.  What are you afraid of?
o.  Do you have any dreams or goals in life?
p.  Do you like school?
q.  Do you have any talents or special abilities?

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